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mindless meanderings

lost in my own world

27 October
i am ashley, though most call me "ashe" these days, so I don't have to be confused with a bunch of little kids running around. i'm currently studying the lifestyle of being single and living alone! i'm 26 or so, an october scorpio. i am fascinated by all things musical - from crystal glasses to drum corps and taiko drums. fairly introverted, i love to express myself through the music i play, the poetry nobody ever sees, and my journal writing.
i play the baritone in a variety of music groups, and i love animals of every kind. i currently work for a lawyer - doing computer stuff. weird given my degree. (i really have no idea what kind of career i want to end up having, but this is fun for the moment.) i have 3 fish, a hatchback hyundai named catnip, an ecology degree currently unused, many to-do things and too many day-dreams.
i love learning new things, and people impress me most when they can do something unique and adventurous. normal people bore me! ;) i'd prefer a camping trip to most anything. i've done scuba, skydiving, helicopter flying, motorcycle riding, skiing, snowboarding, and wasn't doing bad rockclimbing. still have to try - hang-gliding, water-skiing, kayaking,.. my list is long... i just love doing stuff!